Model Description Price

077 Pendulum/Ratchet $ 1150.00
041 ModuleModule chassis $ 225.00
MM-adsr ADSR envelope generator for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-atten Quad buffered attenuator for ModuleModule $ 125.00
MM-d.lfo Dual VC LFO for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-mixer Four input mixer for ModuleModule $ 250.00
MM-Morphun CV processor / Sequencer $ 475.00
MM-mults Mults / cable adaptor for ModuleModule $ 75.00
MM-PB Dual Pulse Balloons for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-S/H Dual Sample/Hold for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-Slew VC Slew for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-SS Source Selector for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-VCA Quad VCA for ModuleModule $ 275.00
MM-blank Blank panel for ModuleModule $ 10.00
MM-blank_dbl Double space blank panel ModuleModule $ 15.00

There is usually some sort of backlog on modules. As of this writing it is three to four weeks. I will give you a better estimate when you place your order.

Terms are 50% at order time, and 50% at ship time. Shipping costs, and sales tax if you're a California resident, are also due at ship time. Cost for shipping a module in the US is in the $20-30 range (the variation is in the amount of insurance.) International shipping depends on which carrier is used. Payment can be made via Paypal or you can send a paper check (address upon request.)
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